Saturday, November 12, 2005

Third Time's a Charm

Roux, our young, female, whippersnapper of a border collie, has a mysterious past. We know nothing of her lineage or where she came from.

Lois, the guardian angel for pets, hooked us up with Roux in early May. Roux had been boarded at Dr. Rundell’s clinic, and the owners never returned to pick her up. What little Lois could tell us was she was 14 weeks old (uh, that’s a big 14-week old puppy there, Lois) and the previous owners had been evicted from their home. That’s how Roux landed at Rundell’s, which is better than out in the country somewhere. We went through the process of letting Rundell’s office file abandonment papers and eventually we could “legally” own Roux.

Anyway, a few months back, Lois calls and tells me there was a possibility of Roux’s previous owners may have AKC papers on Roux. I need to call a lady who had befriended Roux’s previous owners to see if she could be a liaison to obtain the papers.

At this point, we’re pretty excited about the possibility of Roux having AKC papers. Even though she’s been spayed and couldn’t enter an AKC confirmation competition, she was eligible to enter agility, obedience and other AKC events. And at worse, we would get an ILP (Indefinite Listing Privilege) from the AKC, sort of a set of “unofficial” papers that allow purebred dogs to compete except for conformation, since the ILP does not have lineage records.

I finally call my liaison to discuss Roux with her. Much to my dismay, Roux doesn’t have any papers at all. But Roux’s guardian angel did tell me more about where Roux (then known as “Bella”) came from.

It seems Roux was found by an OTR (Over the Road, or cross-country) truck driver, based out of Alabama who was friends with the family that abandoned her at Rundell’s. Now where this trucker found Roux is the mystery. My new guardian angel friend said she may be able to see if she can get more information from the man of the family who abandoned Roux, since she still has some contact with them, but I’ll have to wait and see.

I did tell my guardian angel friend to let these folks know that Roux is extremely smart, a quick learner, is in a wonderful home with another border collie to play with. She’s learning agility and obedience, and has only one flaw – she’s a bed hog!

So Roux’s background remains cloaked in mystery, just like the Loch Ness Monster and Jack the Ripper. But after being found by a trucker, parlayed to a family who couldn’t keep her and at least conscientiously dumped at a place she would be cared for, she has found her home with us.

We will probably never know where Roux came from or anything about her lineage, but it doesn’t matter. We love her to pieces and she’s at home with us and Gumbo.

Third time really is a charm.


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