Saturday, April 15, 2006


Lately we’ve had an old friend helping with our landscaping. Over the last few years, vines have taken over the shrubs in the back yard and, in general, most of the perimeter border plants seem to have morphed into something else.

Deb, our friend, has bulldog tenacity when it comes to tackling our yard. She hangs in there if she’s pulling some big-ass vine out by the root, or meticulously unravels the spiral strangulation of the creeper vines. We can’t tell you have many sticks and branches Deb has dug out of the shrubs from the fragile pecan tree next door that drops branches with the slightest breeze.

But Roux can.

Every branch dropped from the top of the ladder Deb is working on gets carried away by Roux, who proudly takes the branch in her mouth and carts it off to another spot in the yard. She then proceeds to try and eat it.

I’ve yelled “Roux, quit eating that Goddamn stick!” so many times the neighbors are sure I’m gonna go to hell for blasphemy.

At one point, Deb would lower hard-to-get-at branches down to Roux, who would hold them in her mouth while Deb lopped the branch off. They had a system going and Roux was more than happy to help.

Roux takes all sticks, large and small. Sometimes she would have the stick in her mouth the wide way and would get hung up at the door trying to bring it into the house – just like in the cartoons.

Today she wrestled with a branch that had to be at least 3” in diameter and must have weighed at least thirty pounds. But somehow, this wiry, skinny, bundle of energy border collie somehow managed to cart that behemoth of a stick off.

And Roux has a new name for our friend Deb - "Aunt Stick"


Blogger Wayne's Mom said...

Somehow, I can SEE this picture happening in your back yard. Makes me homesick. And also helps me understand why Deb isn't answering my calls, returning my voice mails or replying to my emails. She's probably just WORN OUT!

8:45 PM  

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