Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Body language

Gumbo and Lindsey have been practicing dog agility for a number of months now with the Blue Ribbon Training Academy in West Monroe.

Recently, Terese their trainer forbade Lindsey from talking while he and Gumbo are working. It seems Lindsey's voice would give one command and his body would signal another command... quite confusing for the dog.

It's working. Gumbo is doing much better at practice.

We went to a big agility trial this weekend at the Monroe Civic Center. We learned a lot by watching, and saw people of all ages and all walks of life having fun with their dogs. I think Lindsey gained confidence about eventually competing with Gumbo.

We watched a woman with no arms run barefoot through the obstacle course and have a flawless run with her dog.

Amazing, the communication between dog and owner. And we have the advantage of hand signals.


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