Sunday, July 03, 2005

Obsessive Dog-pulsive

Our household contains two adult humans. We have rescued two border collies and two cats. That probably says we're suckers, or to be kind, a couple of old softies. But we've really become obsessed with these border collies, and even the cats tolerate them pretty well. (See Natchez, above, sleeping with the Simon Baxter portrait of Gumbo.)

What did I just say? Dog portrait? Well, yes.... The dogs have a blog, a portrait, a web site, an email address, a page.... And Gumbo's spotted face adorned our Christmas card last year.

They go to agility and obedience classes, and occasionally get to go to Petco and pick out new toys to add to their bulging toy box. We've searched the world for "pet friendly" hotels so we can take them with us when we go on vacation.

We're empty nesters. Or, at least we WERE empty nesters....


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