Sunday, October 23, 2005

Diaper Dog!

I have stolen this post from my daughter. This is my
granddog Lucy, and she's the most wonderful chocolate lab in the world. OK, she's the most wonderful chocolate lab of all the chocolate labs I know...

Lucy the Diaper Dog came to visit this weekend, and I do believe we spent the entire weekend washing the cute little denim panties described below....

There's no need to fear! Diaper Dog is here!

when canines in this world appear
and destroy her toys, now they should fear
and frighten all who see or hear
the cry goes up both far and near
for Diaper Dog! Diaper dog! Diaper dog! Diaper dog!

speed of lightning, roar of thunder
fighting all who rob or plunder
Diaper dog. Diaper dog!


I was watching That 70's Show last night. Jeff was on the phone with one of his buddies. Lucy and Gatsby were playing snarly face. It was a pretty typical week night, but when I looked over at the pups and what do I see? Lucy's "tutu" is red.

How is it that this dog goes into heat almost as much as a human?

So, hoping that none of the red stuff gets on the carpet, I rush to the still unpacked box in the hallway and grab her doggy diaper. Its quite handsome for its purpose--a decorative, dark denim, but the sight of it makes her run from me. After a quick little game of chase into the laundry room, I slip the diaper on, secure the velcro straps, and walk back into the living room to resume my half hour of senseless comedy. However, Lucy did not walk back with me. She stood there peaking from behind the door--only her head shown. Lucy is embarrassed by her new fashion statement.

I called her to sit next to me and she takes off running towards me only to fall hind first on the kitchen floor. What on earth???? She tries to shake it off, pull it off, rub it off. Any way to remove the label of "dog in heat". I call her again. She runs to me and quickly sits down--her back is to the chair so that none of the fabric shows.

Jeff calls to her from the dining table. "Lucy, come here, girl!" Lucy runs to Jeff, but instead of sitting by his side, she quickly ducks under the table and lays down; again, her back is against his chair so no fabric shows.

Despite our unnecessary calls of humiliation, Lucy has been dubbed "Diaper Dog". So, if you ever find danger lurking in the dark, there's no need to fear! Diaper Dog is here!


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