Monday, July 11, 2005

Hurricane Lucy hits our town

We expected massive thunderstorms. But we didn't get a drop of rain from Hurricane Dennis.

The yard, until the weekend, was beginning to show its "parched" spots from the relentless Louisiana summer heat and humidity.

Then, Lucy came for the weekend.

We anxiously anticipated how she would react to the new dog, Roux. Heck, what were we worried about? They instantly became a pack of friends, all running for the tennis ball and playing snarly face. Three was definitely not a crowd. It was a dog event.

But Lucy is a water dog, and she provided a show for everyone on Sunday afternoon when we set up the sprinkler. She adores the sprinkler, and delights in "talking to it" as she carries it and plays with it around the yard.

You have to hear Lucy to appreciate it, but her voice is somewhat higher than you'd expect from a big chocolate lab. In fact, her bark is so high-pitched and wimpy, we call her a "wuss."

Thirty minutes, and EVERYTHING, including the audience, was wet. The other dogs, Gumbo and Roux, watched in awe from a safe, dry spot in the yard.

Water dogs, they're definitely NOT.


Blogger Anne Perrone said...

From Lucy's momma:

In her defense, I would like to protect my dear one. I've concluded that her "wuss" bark can only be a direct effect of non-developed vocal chords and this abnormal defect is deferred by lots of hugs and kisses, pig ears, and of course, sprinklers.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Wayne's Mom said...

OK, I've read some stuff about a new thing: video + blogging = Vlogging! This post would make a great Vlog!


9:09 AM  

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