Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Doctor's orders -- walk the dog!

Lindsey hasn't been feeling 100 percent.

With much persuasion (he's an admitted stubborn German), he finally went for the big physical this week.

The verdict? Heart is good, cholesterol is not, blood pressure is not, blood sugar is not, weight is not.

(Like that's not the verdict for most of us...)

The doctor's advice (other than, I'll see you on Friday for some meds): Walk your dog!

We started tonight. I say "we" because I need it too. I'm in equally bad shape, and I love this man so much I want to keep him around for awhile. If I didn't, I'd hand him a beer and say, "Oh honey, it's all right. Sit down and watch the ball game."

Despite the obedience and agility training, we haven't really been out with both dogs on leash. It was somewhat organized chaos. They certainly walked us! After about a half-mile, I could feel it in every joint from my waist down.

I told Lindsey I felt like I had been greased -- walk a dog you're trying to "hold back" and it's a real workout...

We hit a Cajun low-fat, low-cal cookbook tonight in search of foods for our newly re-adopted healthy lifestyle and danced in the kitchen as we prepared dinner with newfound energy from our brisk walk in the autumn air.

It's all good.

And, even the dogs will learn to walk with us old folks on our strolls around the 'hood. Here's to Lindsey's health, bolstered by the love and help of Kathy, Gumbo and Roux!


Blogger Wayne's Mom said...

I'm sure we've got the same opportunities! Cheers to you both, and to your new healthy lifestyle!
Keep me posted.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

I'm learning how a whole lot about fat reaction to exercise. I didn't know fat could itch!

7:41 PM  

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