Monday, August 07, 2006

The crafty BC

Roux is quite the bossy girl.

She knows how to nudge her head under your arm so you know to pet her. She knows the routine in the morning -- when the newspaper reading and ball throwing is over, Lindsey gets up for his shower and it's time for "Mama love." She insists on her private time with me, right on schedule every morning.

She can't stand it when Gumbo is getting petted. She always manages to wriggle in on any lovefest.

Gumbo, the perfect gentleman, always acquiesces to Roux's intrusions. But he's got a one-up on her.

He's learned she also can't stand it when he plays with her toys. Roux especially likes Booda bones, and Gumbo really doesn't have anything to do with them.


When Roux wiggles in on his "love time," Gumbo has now started finding a Booda bone. He sits in plain view, tosses it in the air a few times, lays down and places it ever-so-coyly across his forelegs.

She's torn. This is human love. There's my Booda bone. Love. Bone. Love. Bone.

The bone eventually wins, and as she romps into the bedroom, merrily tossing it into the air ....

Gumbo gets his love.


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