Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hey, Gumbo, I'm getting tutored!!!

My favorite Gary Larsen "Far Side" cartoon features a dog hanging out of a car window, proudly proclaming to another dog:

"Guess what! I'm going to the vet's to get tutored!!!"

Gumbo, who we believe communicates many other things to Roux, evidently failed to warn her. (He had already suffered the double indignity of being neutered and humiliated because of the size of his no-longer-useful-except-for-elimination penis.)

So she goes prancing into the vet's, all wiggly butted, just like it's old home week, looking like she does in the photo here.

The following evening when we picked her up, shaved from her ribcage to her rear haunches, we could barely find the puncture wound that signaled the end of any possibility of puppy mothering. She was also none the worse for wear, except that she was a little hesitant about jumping on the bed during our morning game of ball tossing.

Lindsey and I believe there are plenty of good dogs in this world, and we don't need to add to the number, since we're not particularly interested in "Running a Kennel for Fun and Profit."

I mean, who wants to sacrifice a good pair of drawers to put panties on a dog in heat?


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