Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's Halloween, and your dog is going as....

Lindsey and I have a philosophical departure on the question of "dogs as dress-up dolls."

He says "no."

I'm a girl.

I say, "Why not?"

Photo to come, I'm sure, but we have compromised. No costumes, but doggie decor is allowed. I guess you might call that "accessorizing" your dog.

Roux has a lovely, sparkly, gauzy "jester" collar that she will wear on Halloween. Gumbo has the male-appropriate bandana with little Halloween pumpkins on it.

In checking out my RSS feeds today, I discovered a web site where people have, perhaps, gone a little over the top with their pets. But it's pretty darn funny, especially if you keep clicking and get to the people and their pets dressed alike.
Check out


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