Sunday, January 15, 2006

Every girl's lookin' for a sharp-groomed dog

WOW! Talk about the change a little beauty treatment can make!

Gumbo and Roux (the formerly mentioned poo dog) spent an afternoon at the Petco Spa and Grooming Center.

They both came home looking great and absolutely knowing it.

Their coats are different - Gumbo's is soft, very thick (double-coated) and mostly white. Petting him is like petting a rabbit -- except he's much more gentle than the rabbit my daughter had as a child.

Roux is what is known as "rough coated." Her hair is coarser, curlier and sleeker. If she were a human, she would have wavy, thick, luscious hair -- she would be an Italian lover with locks we would love to run our fingers through and eyes we can get lost in forever.

We usually get them groomed once a month to six weeks. They usually mess up the "new look" within a day with their snarly facing -- both of them some to see us with wet chins and necks quite regularly.

We evidently skipped the holidays, because I'd forgotten how great they looked with a fresh grooming.

In honor of their spa appointments, I had a nice haircut today and shopped the mega Talbot's sale in one size smaller! We're all a bunch of stylin' babes at the Wilkerson household!


Blogger Wayne's Mom said...

You GO, Girl!! Myron's lost 17 pounds. Deb said, "Just like a man. They can THINK about losing weight, and the pounds drop off!"

5:18 PM  

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