Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It Takes A Thief

Remember the old 60's TV show "It Takes a Thief", starring Robert Wagner? Wagner played a cat burglar who worked for the government to steal state secrets. At 10 years old, me and my buddies thought that show was sooo cooool. Still do.

It seems that Roux has taken that cat burglarin' to heart. And we have proof.

Now we know Roux is bossy and has no compunctions about snatching the tennis ball away from Gumbo. At the park, Gumbo's the one who is goes after the tennis ball at "warp factor six." Roux kinda keeps up with Gumbo, instead waiting 'til Gumbo starts to trot back with the prize and BAM! - Roux snatches the ball from Gumbo and comes prancing back ever so arrogantly for another round with the ball in her mouth.

Ice cubes, Milk Bones, Booda Bones, pig ears, doesn't matter. If Gumbo's got it in his mouth, Roux steals it.

As of late, we've had to resort to placing platters of meat or other delectable dinner entrees to the back burner on the stove. It seems a certain border collie has been known so slink away during dinner to sample a morsel or two if the object of her affection is left too close to the edge of the countertop.

Earlier this week, during a morning bike ride, Kathy found a brand-spankin' new tennis ball over by the tennis courts. She brought it home and placed it on the kitchen table, close enough to the edge to make Roux go into the "klepto-zone." We caught the perpetrator in the act.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The crafty BC

Roux is quite the bossy girl.

She knows how to nudge her head under your arm so you know to pet her. She knows the routine in the morning -- when the newspaper reading and ball throwing is over, Lindsey gets up for his shower and it's time for "Mama love." She insists on her private time with me, right on schedule every morning.

She can't stand it when Gumbo is getting petted. She always manages to wriggle in on any lovefest.

Gumbo, the perfect gentleman, always acquiesces to Roux's intrusions. But he's got a one-up on her.

He's learned she also can't stand it when he plays with her toys. Roux especially likes Booda bones, and Gumbo really doesn't have anything to do with them.


When Roux wiggles in on his "love time," Gumbo has now started finding a Booda bone. He sits in plain view, tosses it in the air a few times, lays down and places it ever-so-coyly across his forelegs.

She's torn. This is human love. There's my Booda bone. Love. Bone. Love. Bone.

The bone eventually wins, and as she romps into the bedroom, merrily tossing it into the air ....

Gumbo gets his love.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Roux the island dog

Good fortune smiles upon the border collies occasionally, and this time it was an invitation to a weekend retreat at Worthington Island on the Mississippi River.

In addition to miles of trails to explore and other pups to play with, in mid-summer the island features a large sandbar that extends into the river.

We knew from a prior trip that Gumbo would chase a tennis ball anywhere, including into shallow water if necessary.

We toted our umbrellas, chairs, lunch and reading materials to the sandy beach. We gathered driftwood for a fire to grill some hot dogs. We turned around to count dogs -- there were five -- and Roux was standing in water up to her shoulders.

Just standing there.

We thought she was stuck in the muck. But no, she was just cooling off.

As we rafted in the cool water and watched the river traffic go by, we learned that Roux is one fine swimming dog.

In fact, she coulda been a retriever!

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